Review: Alba ‘Blue Manta” AL4005X

Alba ‘Blue Manta’ AL4005X

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Internet Scam

      Online purchases are always risky and have to be built on a lot trust from

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“Your Guide To Building A Complete Watch Collection”  


A watch collector who,

1.  Aims to build ‘A Complete Watch Collection’ starting from scratch (minimum capital)

2.  Seeks wisdom and knowledge of watches through his horology journey 

3.  Sticks firmly to the his ‘Ground Rules’ when building a watch collection:

     Initial Ground Rules  (Year 2011)

  • Maximum of RM500 (USD150) spending on one watch
  • Only reputable watch maker
  • Only buy what you will wear
  • None of the watches owned, are similar in style

     Current Ground Rules  (Year 2015)

  • Consist of: Low + Mid + Top Tier Watch Brand
  • Only the best watch brands from each ‘Tier’ of watch
  • Different variations of watches

4. Thinks that Dennis Bergkamp is a watch maker in disguise:

  • His football brain is equivalent to the making of a timepiece

*** Reminder ***

Watch Collection has evolved over the years.
(Follow my INSTAGRAM for Updated collection)

How my watch collection is built from scratch?
How i consolidate my watch collection?
How I evolved from an Affordable watch collection to the current Low + Mid + Top Tier watch collection?
How I build a complete watch collection?

Stay tuned to follow all the bits and pieces of my horology journey.




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Name: Bergkamp10
Gender: Male
Location: Malaysia
Watch Wrist: Left-handed

—- Old Watch Collection (24.02.11) —-

—- New Watch Collection (01.01.15) —– ** Watch Identity Revealed In INSTAGRAM



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