Incoming Watches To Be Reviewed (Pending)

  Thank you for visiting my watch site. I apologize for the delay in the watch reviews you were hoping to see. Please bear with me as I will certainly work harder to complete all these reviews and do a better part in serving the watch community. 😛  ** Follow my INSTAGRAM for wristshot of all my […]

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Review: Alba ‘Blue Manta” AL4005X

Alba ‘Blue Manta’ AL4005X

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Watch Collection Ground Rules:

1. Consist of Low + Mid + Top "Tier" Watch Brands
2. Only best watch brands from each “Tier”
3. Only watch brands from reputable watchmaker
4. None of the watches owned, are similar in style

" HowToBuildAWatchCollection,
Your Guide To Build A Complete Watch Collection "

Name: Bergkamp10
Location: JB/KL
Established: 2011

A watch maker in disguise,
A football brain equivalent to the making of a timepiece"

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